Monday, August 8, 2011

There already!
our game is there !

Long time ago, there was a Viking boy, called Stark, was the prince of a north vanished country, one day he found something was happening in his body, there was uncontrollable power growing within himself, a pair of dragon wings were growing in his back, a mystery wizard told him there was a prophecy about his family, only the dragon could save their country, so he started the road to control this ability and rescue his country. 


1 transforming at will into a powerful dragon! 
2 upgrade system- choose the best time to upgrade your life, fire ball, and transforming time and power level! 
3 saving system- you can save your gemstones, get 20% increase each time! 
4 store system- buy some items for next adventure(level)! 
5 simple to control 
6 there are weapon and health pickups 
7 addicted game play 
8 more strategy,about spending your gemstones 
9 many minigames 

For technical support or any inquiries about the game, please!/DragonKnightrus 


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